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Magic Pen Ting!

Because we are constantly on the move I'm always on the lookout for toys that will take care of Jasiek for more than a few seconds. More often I've noticed…
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Magiczny długopis Ting

Ponieważ często jesteśmy w podróży nieustannie poszukujemy zabawek, które zajmą uwagę Jasia na dłużej niż tylko kilka sekund. Coraz częściej w kąt idą pluszaki i gryzaczki, a ulubione stają się…
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Jasiek clothing
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Polish Clothing Brands for kids who want to be Fashionistas

Here's all our favourite Polish clothing labels for kids so you don't have to look any further.
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Jasiek clothing

Nasze ulubione polskie marki dziecięce

Przeszukaliśmy chyba cały internet w poszukiwaniu fajnych, nowoczesnych i oryginalnych marek ubraniowych dla dzieci. Poniżej lista naszych ulubionych firm.
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Travelling with Children

6 Niezbędnych Rzeczy na Podróż z Niemowlakiem!

Dużo osób często pyta nas o to, jak podróżuje nam się z naszym małym Jaśkiem. Czy to męczące? Czy da się odpocząć? Czy maluch nie jest zbyt zmęczony? Dla niektórych…
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Travelling with Children
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6 Essential Items for Travelling with Babies!

C'mon. Is travelling with children really that bad?? Make it easier on yourself and take a look at our 6 essential travel items we take on every trip with our…
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Those 9 Months pregnancy video
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Tried to make a cute pregnancy video, ended up with this movie about the Polish weather

So in the last week of February our little man Jasiek was finally born! Our little Warszawiak-Aussie born here in our homebase of Warsaw. So as you do when you're…
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French Riveria Nice Cannes

Roadtripping the French Riveria (and discovering more beaches)

The best thing about dating a professional windsurfer is the roadtrips to events. The worst thing about dating a professional windsurfer is the roadtrips to events. It's sweltering heat in…
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Wat Phra Kaew
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Bangkok in 24-Hours; The Layover Guide

Working for an airline taught me how to organise my trips into 24-hour blocks, making sure I see absolutely everything that a city can offer. I've done the Bangkok, Thailand…
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Swim with dolphins Coffs Harbour
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Swimming With the Dolphins at Coffs Harbour

If you are ever roadtripping down the east coast of Australia make sure you make the stop in Coffs Harbour. Only 4.5 hours drive south from Brisbane, Coffs is one…
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Finding new friends in Johannesburg Lion Park

One of the best parts of working for an airline is the opportunity to visit so many places around the world. On one of my recent flights I had the…
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Gardens by the Bay Singapore
24-Hour TravelAsiaTravel

Singapore in 24-Hours

Traveling as a cabin crew teaches you how to condense your trips into 24-hour blocks. Some crew like to spend their layovers sleeping and recovering before their next flight I…
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Łeba – the Battle of the Sands

No Polish summer would be complete without a trip to the seaside. Aware of the fact that Poland has some of the most beautiful, white sandy beaches in Europe, we…
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Fuerteventura; where windsurfers dream and all-inclusive holidayers come to burn.

On Monday we flew to Fuerteventura, the second biggest of the Canary Islands for Sean's next stop on the Windsurfing World Tour. Fuerteventura is famous for windsurfing and water-sports tourism…
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The Great Barrier Reef; shark sponsored windsurfing lessons

Recently we visted Australia's Great Barrier Reef for Sean's National Windsurfing Championships. Hearing thousands of stories about how stunning this place is I've decided that Green Island is the ideal…
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