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Magic Pen Ting!

Because we are constantly on the move I’m always on the lookout for toys that will take care of Jasiek for more than a few seconds. More often I’ve noticed soft and cuddly are being tossed aside in favour of interactive toys that make sounds and do things. We recently got a chance to test out the Ting pen – a unique combination of tech pen and traditional picture book. Wondering how it works? The mechanism is pretty simple – turn on the magic pen, apply the tip to the wheel on the cover of the special Discoveria book and…. it’s ready to go!

On every page the child can discover sounds, songs, and rhymes. Just push the tip of the pen to any part of the page and it begins talking to us. As Jasiek loves to explore the animal world, we have chosen for him the book “Getting to Know the Animals from the Zoo”. Thanks to the Ting pen, the animals come alive, make sounds, and the little ones learn about their habits and behaviour through interesting stories.

Such a cool gadget helps to instill in children the passion for books, supports the development of their reading, and exercises perceptiveness and coordination. In the Discoveria book series you will find books on dinosaurs, or even the whole world, and there is also a special version for learning languages (German & English for children). TING pen with Discoveria books can be purchased in Empik or on the website

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