Tried to make a cute pregnancy video, ended up with this movie about the Polish weather

By September 10th, 2020Parenting, Videos, Warsaw Life

So in the last week of February our little man Jasiek was finally born! Our little Warszawiak-Aussie born here in our homebase of Warsaw. So as you do when you’re pregnant, we tried to take a photo of each step of the belly’s progress over the 9 months and you know what? It’s harder than you think to take these photos and keep up the vigilance. We started out every 3 days and that quickly dropped to once a week with our busy schedules.

December came around and then the snow in Warsaw followed and suddenly it was too cold to go outside or I was too tired from the pregnancy to get up off the couch or it was too uncomfortable to put my winter boots on! By the end it was a struggle to even take a single photo! But you know what? The end result was a little cool clip that I’ll watch again and again when I try to convince myself I might want to have a little sister for Jasio!

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