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POSTCARDS FROM – Episode 1 (A Windsurfing Movie)

POSTCARDS FROM – is the first of a series of video shorts following Sean’s windsurfing adventures and all the places the sport has taken us. Sean has been competing on the Pro Tour for over 10 years visiting some of the most extraordinary and volatile beaches in the world, but it all only started with the first plane ticket off his home island as a teenager….

Actually this particular video has taken a long time to put together. Originally, the windsurfing footage is from the PWA World Cup in Fuerteventura and the intro cityscapes shot from Hawthorne Street Bridge in Sean’s hometown in Brisbane, however shortly after the World Cup all of our camera gear was stolen out of our vehicle, on the way back home from the next event. One of the perils of travel is always this idea that the more you travel, the more you are at risk. We try to take good care of everything and keep it secure, but it still happens. Sean jokes that this is the 3rd time he’s had all of his camera gear stolen. At particular loss to us was a sheer ton of 4K footage we’d filmed over the summer that was still on the SD card in the camera; note to self – download it to your computer at the end of each day.

This is the first episode in a series we will be putting together about Sean over the coming year in conjunction with Star-Board, one of Sean’s windsurfing partners. Enjoy.

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